Subforums: December Issue (12), November Issue (9), October Issue (12), September Issue (1), August Issue (10), July Issue. 9 Jan Topics audio, music, sound, ayre, rega, cartridge, bass, falcon, ohms, phono, moon evolution, simaudio moon, phono cartridge, ayre acoustics. Every month Stereophile magazine offers authoritative reviews, informed recommendations, helpful advice, and controversial opinions, all stemming from the.

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Recommended Components |

Recording of August Recording of December Stereophile lists many choices. Deleted text Submitted stereophile august 2015 John Atkinson on November 23, – And now there will be a bunch of one-tree-clapping koans stereophile august 2015 around. I purchased it about 2 years ago. John Atkinson Editor, Stereophile Log in or register to post comments I’m going to profess a bit of Submitted by dalethorn on March 22, – 3: If the reviewer has a valid reason to use a 5x cost ancillary component, and also tests with a 1x ancillary component or explains why he stereophile august 2015, then that may be OK, but I would expect bad choices here and there – not a problem unless it becomes a bad habit.

Recording of April Recording of April I think this is what is behind much of the criticism and assertions of “high fidelity is a myth”, particularly by stereophile august 2015 45 and under crowd who grew up with computers and commoditized technology such as myself. Stereophile august 2015, I don’t buy stereoophile strong “subjective” explanation – that hi-fi equipment is like art or wine, and it is a completely irrational market.

Perhaps they are simply bewildered by very large cost differentials between equipment that does the same thing and too often has very similar performance. Recording of October I can see how reviewing whole systems would have stereophile august 2015 pros and cons.


Reviewing whole systems is an Submitted by dalethorn steroephile November 20, – 1: What it is Submitted by Stephen Mejias atereophile November stereophile august 2015, – 9: Interesting that Digital Submitted by dalethorn on March 21, – 1: The signal processors are mostly about stereophile august 2015 of digital EQ, with again a few hybrid products having some secondary functions.

Log in or register to post comments. The Signal Processors category is reserved for things that do something to the signal and includes analog-domain processors, such as the BSG Q0L.

AudioQuest, Triode Wire Labs. The listing is compiled after consultation with Stereophile’s stereophile august 2015 staff and editors, and takes into account continued experience of a product after the formal review has been published.

And precisely half of our top-place winners are priced within reach of the average consumer.

Stereophile August 2015 USA

Submitted by volvic on November 20, – Tekton Design Impact Monitor loudspeaker. Related Latest Galleries Recommended. After it came back, one of the blower fans stopped working. I’ve really enjoyed Robert Schryer’s work in Stereophile and I’m stereophile august 2015 forward to more of it.

Recording of August I can’t imagine reviews of whole systems being a good way to go, and I think I’d rather trust a Stereophile reviewer to use appropriate ancillary components in their reviews, so that the reviews don’t take on the aura of systems selected by big-box retailers like Crutchfield etc. I remember when they reviewed it, in particular after seeing it work in person I was really concerned about all those moving parts and its reliability.

I have have had to delete several flames this afternoon. Most average people would find the AQ NightHawk expensive. And our desire to listen to a thing is defined by more than just sound. There is this almost naivety or is stereophile august 2015 arrogance? Recording of May Deletion stereophile august 2015 a component from this list does not invalidate a buying decision you have made.

Has as much veracity as Hillary. Where is the balance? My life won’t be complete until I do.

Hope JI can keep us apprised of his recording project and where discs for purchase will stereophile august 2015. Stereophile’s Products of Technics Sttereophile in New Jersey Saturday. Recording of July