Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis has 86 ratings and 13 reviews. Brian said: () A history of the Riemann Hypothesis, as translated by a mathematicianI. 3 Sep Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis. Dan Rockmore. Pantheon Books (). $, pages, ISBN X. Now, thanks I guess to. 30 Jan This is the fourth popular book on the Riemann zeta-function to appear in recent years; it joins the earlier books by Derbyshire, du Sautoy, and.

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For the pages or so that followed I read on with what can only be described as a tenuous grasp of the math, where periods In terms of thorough comprehension of the mathematical concepts touched upon in this book, I think I held my own until about page 72 or so when the book switched for me, anyway into high gear with the introductions of the imaginary number and the complex plane both of which happen to be rather crucial for an intermediate-level understanding of the eponymous hypothesis.

I have a Ph. May 23, at Open Stalking the riemann hypothesis See a Problem? stalking the riemann hypothesis

stalking the Riemann hypothesis – neverendingbooks

It meant that my childhood dream was now a respectable thing to work on. He loves to look at the big picture.

May 23, at 5: Trivia About Stalking the Riem He fixed it himself with some help from his ex-student Richard Stalking the riemann hypothesis, after a team of referees went over the manuscript, and one found the initial error. For example, he spends almost an entire chapter explaining stalking the riemann hypothesis a prime number is and then devotes only a few pages to detailing the Critical Strip, a concept integral to understanding WHAT mathematicians are looking for to prove the Reimann Hypothesis.

From what Stalking the riemann hypothesis wrote I understand it also involves quantum chaos. For better or worse, his has appeared after the others, which came out last year. TheCurator rated it really liked it Dec 11, When I compare the Riemann Hypothesis efforts of de Branges with the Fermat efforts of Wiles, a question arises, and I wonder whether it is dealt with in the book by Rockmore.

Now, at a moment when mathematicians are finally moving in on a proof, Dartmouth professor Dan Rockmore tells the riveting history of the hunt for a solution. Considering my compulsive need to read books stalking the riemann hypothesis to cover and my suffering from an innate averseness to moving on through a text without adequate understanding of every one of its finer details, it’s a testament to the author’s ability to tell a compelling story that I managed to make an exception when it came to the latter.

May 09, Brian Page rated it liked it. Oct 16, Dan rated it liked it.

May 22, at 9: This entry was posted in Book Rifmann. Definitely includes some gems stalking the riemann hypothesis the author’s attempt at literary flourish is a bit tiresome. The complex conformal weights appearing as linear combinations of imaginary parts of non-trivial zeros of zeta have a key role in TGD.

Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis

May 24, at 1: May 24, at And if any speculative idea about the RH had failed as miserably as string theory unification has, it would have been long stalking the riemann hypothesis abandoned by everyone involved.

If his intended audience is mathematicians, the book is terribly watered down. There are already various reasons for people to be skeptical about whether he has a proof, and the combination of this with the fact that his manuscript is nearly impossible to follow is what explains the situation here, not any prejudice about Purdue or anything else.

They are a set of very deep staalking insights into how number fields behave, and there are a huge number of concrete, rigrorous results to back that statement up. Have you read it recently? Interesting stuff from Baez both in week and in stapking There are certainly people who work publically or privately on the Riemann hypothesis, such as Sarnak, Connes, Cohen, Deninger, not to mention pretty much the stalking the riemann hypothesis analytic number theory community. The story of the quest to settle the Riemann Hypothesis is one of scientific exploration.

Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis: The Quest to Find the Hidden Law of Prime Numbers

Dan had the misfortune of starting work on this book at the same time as several other people had the idea of a popular stalking the riemann hypothesis about the Riemann Hypothesis.

Stalking the riemann hypothesis just emailed him about Week There are no discussion topics on this book yet. There were interesting stories about big names in the field, and it’s always fascinating to see a huge number of topics I’ve heard about all related.

Maybe if you spent a lot of time trying to read that first, you might have a fighting chance of figuring out what argument he is trying to make.

Is it because the mathematics community thf resents de Branges because his Bierberbach work showed, with the help of USSR mathematicians, that skepticism of the Western mathematics community is fallible? Jan 06, Henry Jones rated it liked it.