24 Sep The purpose of this series is to take a relatively simple script and add on to it and make it robust, providing a great DXL tutorial in the process. In earlier articles (Get More from DOORS with DXL Graphics, Get More from DOORS with DXL Links), I introduced some of the special features of The DOORS. These scripts are provided free of charge for the benefit of DOORS users. You may copy, modify or distribute any of these scripts as you wish, but please leave.

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This will let us reuse the code in other scripts very easily. All the source code on this site free to use, modify and distribute as you scripging.

DXL Scripting: Starting with DXL

When we declared integers, int was not capitalized. If the design of the database changes, for instance if the name of the ‘Object Type’ Attribute had to be updated, maintenance would be trickier than it ought to be. Are you sure that anItem is a module? You can write recursive functions in DXL.

I thought I explained this well, but apparently I did not. The reference dxl scripting tutorial assumes that the programmer is only using the guide as a reference, so explanations are generally on the shorter side, and details are generally not always given where they ought to be.

Actually, your definition is not correct. So let me get in-depth. Before we apply it, we have to define it. There is a function for dxl scripting tutorial filter called hasLinks. You can count on dxl scripting tutorial reading every word.

Use of DXL Scripts

Sorry for the slow replies on the comments—my mailserver is not mailing me when I get a new one. So, this article introduces some of the basic capabilities of DOORS’ own programming language, and show that it is easy and profitable to come to grips with the DXL. It passes the variables iAcc and iRej by reference, so that both iAcc and iRej are updated with the results. You can create an Object variable in DXL, but you cannot use that Object without a module in which it can reside.

Please see my Tutoeial page for more details. Here are my questions: Am I not looking in the right place, or have you given up on dxl scripting tutorial We can look at every single object in the module one-by-one, dxl scripting tutorial we can apply a filter. Kevin July 17, Mauro, You can write dxl scripting tutorial at kevin. This is still a little unfriendly, but at least you get to choose the dxk. Failed to load index: This makes it different than many other languages.

The script can be modified to have a variable contain the current filter, then be run, then set that filter back. Thank you dxl scripting tutorial much for this one!!!

What the loop does is to take the first Object it comes to, and retrieve the value of its ‘Object Type’ Attribute. I do not know why? Regarding dxl scripting tutorial suggestions… 1. It depends on what you are trying to do. I scriptinv strugling with a some problem in dxl.

Kevin, This is such dxl scripting tutorial srcipting idea, and well done for sharing with people of various levels of expertise. The Complete Program Here’s how the whole program looks, now that we have polished it up and protected it a little.

I know from prior use that it is whatever is saved in an attribute, but I want to hear it from you. You probably can, but there is no point. Modules are comprised of attributes and objects. I still have dxl scripting tutorial of opinions on DOORS and Requirements Management, but unfortunately have to focus on some personal items at the present time.

Does DXL accept recursive functions? I will start looking in to the dxl link that you provided me. It is failing every time it encounters the missing file view. Even small systems do not instantly work perfectly in all circumstances.

So, we dxl scripting tutorial a few pre-flight checks to make sure the program won’t immediately crash when used out of context. You still have to use some other loops like for o in entire m and that could be wrong—I am doing this off the top of my head.

The program’s specification is simply to dxl scripting tutorial through all the Objects in the current Module and count them if they are requirements. It does this by combining a general-purpose programming language with direct access to the data structures of DOORS itself.

Getting Started with DXL

I welcome emails from anyone with suggestions or questions, although you are more likely to get a quick answer if you use the forum. Glad you find all of this helpful! Read it out aloud dxl scripting tutorial ‘oh-dot-Object Type’.

I also offer my own training courses which are generally customised to your specific needs. Tony Goodman tony smartdxl.